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Here you can find a number of simple, everyday contract templates for your business. Each gives you the option of booking a bundle of hours whereby we at Simply Agree will cater the contracts to your exact needs.

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Non-disclosure Agreement

The first step in any negotiation, ensure your information remains confidential

Website Terms and Conditions

Set out the terms that each visitor to your website should abide by

Privacy and Cookie Policy

For your business generally or for - the processing of data on your website, its important to be compliant

Shareholders Agreement

If you’re partnering up with someone, it’s best to know where you both stand on all matters

Franchising Agreement

If you’ve already got an established business and you feel that it’s time to copy that successful model countrywide


Need help?

In circumstances where you feel comfortable with amending a contract on your own or have a legal background and are looking to add to your precedent bank, Simply Agree provides a range of template agreements for purchase from our website.

Each template is provided in a word format so you can make any changes you see fit. Please note that these agreements are provided “as-is” and are not in their final form – each agreement is required to be altered and amended for your specific needs.

Simply Agree would be happy to assist you in making any changes to your recently purchased agreement under our Legal Consulting Service offering at our affordable hourly rates.

“You handle the business.
We handle the paperwork.”

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