Contract Drafting, Reviewing and Consulting Service

Under these services, Simply Agree provides commercial and corporate legal services in line with what an in-house legal advisor or appointed private practice lawyer would offer, at a fraction of the cost.

We take an intimate approach by becoming part and parcel of your organization to provide the best ongoing commercial and corporate consulting services suited to your needs. These services include the drafting and reviewing of numerous types of commercial and/or corporate documents and the provision of legal consultancy services, research and objective feedback on your day to day legal queries.

Who am I?

My name is Cullen Gordge, an experienced commercial and corporate lawyer and founder of Simply Agree.

I have spent the better part of a decade advising and assisting numerous clients with their day to day legal queries, contracts and concerns.

I have taken a simple and direct approach to legal advisory services throughout my career and took the next step by incorporating Simply Agree Limited as the go to external in-house legal services provider.

The simple thing about Simply Agree is that the contracts and legal services we provide are exactly that, simple.

Good contract drafting doesn’t come from convoluted and difficult to navigate contracts. It’s shown through simple to read, easy to understand and succinct documents.

Our Practice Areas

We can assist you with either of the below:


We specialise in drafting and advising on a wide array of commercial documents and agreements for your everyday business needs (like general terms and conditions, employment contracts etc) to exiting bespoke partnership, reselling or franchising agreements.


We offer a wide range of corporate law services, covering a variety of areas from advice on how to/what kind of entity to register to drafting of your corporate documents such as articles, shareholders agreements and the like. We will assist with all of your corporate needs to get your existing company fully functioning from a legal perspective to getting your start up off the ground with all the documentation required to kick off your idea.

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